~I appreciate your all staff and their kindness.~ セットリスト
 at 東京都 大塚 RED-Zone

1. Soul Shaker
2. Hitodashi
3. Fake Master
4. The Muses
5. Fairy Ring
6. I'll Be There
7. Made In Heaven
8. Spiral
9. Spider's Web
10. Greedy Monster
11. I'm Your Dream
12. Two Of One
13. In The Groove
14. Gravitation
15. 真昼の月
16. Moment Dive
En.1 Phi
En.2 Storm In My Heart
En.3 Melody
Vocal. 広石 武彦
Bass. 水江 慎一郎 Guitar. 伊東 正
Keyboards. 潮崎 裕己 Drums. 酒井 麿